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Tuesday, 23 April 2013


This one was kinda hard for me to review because I really don't know if I liked it or not, I'm kinda torn. So i'll just jot my thoughts down here and then let you decide whether I liked it or not. So here goes...

Oblivion is a Sci-Fi Action - one of my favourite genre's - directed by Joseph Kosinski and starring Tom Cruise, Andrea Riseborough, Olga Kurylenko and Morgan Freeman. Sci-Fi's can be a little complex to sum up but i'll give it a shot without giving away too much plot - There was a war on earth between some no-good aliens and humans, earth was almost destroyed because hey we've never let the earth get in the way of a good war before, now it's practically inhabitable, there's a love triangle, some gorilla warfare and all is not as it seems! Tom Cruise plays a dude called Jack for the third time in his career - gotta love those all American four letter names. Victoria (Riseborough) is his number one lady until old girl Julia (Kurylenko) drops out of thin air, literally, and Jack begins to realise he is not quite the 'man' he thought he was.

Ok so my issues with this movie... at times the score was so big and majestic it sounded like a bit of a joke. Like they were trying to be cool and retro like the Tron score but just couldn't pull it off. Olga Kurylenko wanders around like a bewildered bunny rabbit for the entire movie, and hey i'd be pretty spaced out too if I just fell come on girlfriend give me something! The BIG EARTH MOVING LOVE that is supposed to be between Jack and Julia must have been left on Pluto because I didn't feel a thing in my usually overly sensitive heart AND they skimped on using Morgan Freeman - you can't skimp on Morgan bloody Freeman! But what rubbed me up wrong the most was I felt I had kinda seen this movie already, a much better version with a much smaller budget. It was very reminiscent of Moon so I felt like I saw the twists and turns coming from a lightyear away. Oh oh and the ending wraps up waaaaaaaaay too neatly. Lame. Like leave me a little unsettled and wanting man!

On the upside, the visuals were really topnotch so it was good to watch. I did actually like the storyline, even though i'd seen it before, it was just a bit lacking in areas (mainly the ending). I enjoyed the performance of newcomer Andrea Riseborough who was perfectly cold and clinical and I was stoked to see Kiwi action chic and all round mad bitch Zoe Bell amongst the cast. 

So I guess when looking at my paragraph on what I didn't like and what I did like it becomes pretty obvious how I felt about this movie. But I think I am being overly critical and would say most people would quite enjoy Oblivion so it's worth a looksy. 

I'm keen to hear your thoughts on Obvlivion so feel free to leave me a comment... 

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