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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Model Crush: Ashlee

So last night I got my photog on for my first show at QT Fashion Week and it was keeeeewl! To be honest, I think runway photography is pretty boring on the most part so i'm going to take this opportunity to just have a little fun this week and experiment with shutter drag, angles, flash and different editing styles. I am purely shooting for this here blog, and the experience of course, so I am lucky to have creative freedom over my pictures as I only have myself to answer to. 

First up is a little post dedicated to my favourite model from last night, Ashlee. There's is something 80's/90's supermodel-ish about Ashlee. I just love her super blunt bob, sharp cheekbones and her strong strut. She was also one of the more playful models backstage which made her even more endearing. I am looking forward to seeing more of Ashlee around the traps this week and hopefully i'll be lucky enough to shoot her one day.

Ashlee @ Division 

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