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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Puberty Blues

Can you remember being 16? I thought I knew everything, I thought I was so wise and mature - I laugh at the memory of my 16 year old self now. Growing up in the heart of the Western Suburbs of Sydney, innocence is lost young in a place like that. To think that our biggest issues consisted of what to wear to make our boobs look big and what flavour UDL's we were going to drink on the weekend. The gap between then and now seems almost unbelievable, but it still feels like yesterday...

Back in January my 16 year old cousin came to stay with me for a few days. I loved hearing her ramble non-stop about something completely irrelevant that was just SO SUPER EXCITING/IMPORTANT to her. She played me top 40 songs that were absolutely terrible that i'd never heard before. She said words that I didn't know existed. She told me about her friends that "did stuff" with boys. She made me feel every single bit my age. 

Model: Brittany Thame

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