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Sunday, 7 July 2013

3 in 1 - movie reviews

Yes yes I know I have been a little distant lately but i've been moving house and working my butt off so any spare time has been even more scarce than usual. So to apologise for my lack of love I am going to give you 3 movie reviews in 1 post! Ahhhhhh it's crazy I know but I think you can handle it so let's do this yo...

Fast & Furious 6
Yes that's right, 6!!!! This film is ridiculous, and when I say ridiculous I mean absolutely redinkity donk! BUT...totally entertaining. I was in a pretty foul mood when I went to see this movie (moving house may have resulted in a few tears) but I walked out with a smile on my face. There is something nostalgic about seeing the old crew together, and when I say old I do mean old - Paul and Vin sure are getting a little long in the tooth, but who cares! The formula remains the same - corny one liners, muscly bald dudes, bad ass chicks, hot cars and OTT action. You feel like the actors, director, producers, stuntmen etc are all having a great time. The film pokes fun at itself which means you just relax and go with it - don't go in with any great expectations and you might have a bit of brain dead fun. 
3 outta 5

World War Z
I thought the trailer to this looked really awesome - something perhaps a little different for the used and abused zombie genre but unfortunately not the case. Directed by Marc Forster and starring powerhouse Brad Pitt, the film starts with the outbreak and then follows United Nations Officer Gerry on his mission to find the source and thus find a cure. The film starts with a very realistic approach, the way the zombies turn and then the way Gerry fights them off all seems very authentic but then there are just way too many over the top close calls that you stop believing in the movie and come back to pre-apocolyptic reality. The cure ends up being pretty gay but they did a great job of building tension and scaring the absolute shit out of you...repeatedly, so nervous wrecks be warned!
2.5 outta 5

Man of Steel
Superman is back! I have always been a big fan of the red caped avenger, loving the Christopher Reeves movies as a child. Superman Returns was a MAJOR flop so I think everyone was a little weary of Man of Steel but be assured it delivers the goods. Zack Snyder is behind the wheel as director with Christopher Nolan co-writing, so not to worry as we're in good hands peeps. The cast includes Henry Cavill (Superman), Amy Adams (Lois) and Michael Shannon (General Zod/Bad Guy) who all do a great job of bringing their characters to life. Some might find Adams to be an unusual fit for Lois but she is a top notch actress and is super likeable. Michael Shannon is an unreal actor who can do no wrong in my books and I think he makes an excellent bad dude. And he isn't just bad for no good reason, his character actually has some depth he doesn't just want to 'destroy the world' for any old sake. Henry Cavill as Superman is...well...EFFING HOT! OMG Superman is totally banging and his sad baby blues make you just want to diiiiiiie! The only thing I found a bit off-putting about this movie was the amount of destruction the world cops, after a while it actually becomes a little draining and you kinda just want the action scenes to end so you can relax. But all in all I think this was a great start to the new franchise and I can see many good things to come. 
4 outta 5 

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