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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Spring Breakers

OK firstly, if you have a daughter please do not go and see this film.

Secondly, I bloody loved it!

This film caught me a little by surprise, it just wasn't what I expected. There was so much tits and ass from the very get go that teenage boys the world over now have enough material for the spank bank to last them a life time. But t&a aside I actually loved the way Director Harmony Korine shot this movie.   It's made up of a series of quick 3 second shots followed by a long sequence. This kind of style really allows you to get a sense of the feeling they were trying to convey.

The four central characters played by Ashley Benson, Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens and Rachel Korine as well as their fellow spring breakers really represented todays teenagers with brazen honesty. The girls actually look like 'real' small town teenagers complete with wobbly bits and dirty regrowth. Oh and they are completely out of control! Rough as guts, ruthless, naive, overtly sexual and absolutely selfish - sounds like me once every teenage girl I have ever known. 

Now the real star of this shin dig is the aaaaaaamazing James Franco as red neck wigga, Alien. He is soooo disgustingly creepy and so damn funny he has you laughing, and shaking your head, in most of his scenes.

OK so the only downer for me was the ending. It was so unnecessary and the film goes from honest and realistic to just over the top and nonsensical. And even though I really enjoyed this bad boy there will be plenty of people who will hate it. They use a lot of visual and audio repetition which will confuse and annoy a few peeps and there will be plenty of party poopers who will find the subject matter offensive - I however am a deviate and do not fall into that category. 

3.5 out 5 

So tell me, what did you think bitches? Spring Break forever?

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