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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Side Effects

This movie has more twists than a season of Days of our Lives (please note: slight exaggeration for effect). This is right up there with Black Swan in terms of psychological thrillers and with a female lead as equally effed up. 

The Director, Steven Soderbergh, has done a fantastic job of leading you down the rabbit hole - and once you are down there, you find out that everything you thought you knew was completely wrong and you have been totally FOOLED BITCH. 

All the performances are great. Jude Law is very Jude Lawish and he does what he does well but he always seems to be pretty similar from role to role. Catherine Zeta Jones is suitably clinical and emotionless as the former psychologist to Emily played by Rooney Mara. Now Rooney Mara is a star! This girl is one of the many young actresses I am enjoying stalking following at the moment. She convey's such a pure sense of hopelessness in this movie and you really believe her struggle. She manages to come across so fragile while being so strong. A true actress. 

The plot orbits around one central theme - prescription drugs and in particular, antidepressants. The movie highlights America's dependency on prescription drugs, how loose doctors are with their responsibility of writing out prescriptions and how blindly trustworthy people are of the entire prescription drug industry. The side effects of such drugs seem to be nothing but an inconvenient consequence. 

Great acting. Great story. Great directing. Do it!

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