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Thursday, 31 October 2013


Every couple of months I get to shoot 8 lovely ladies, some who have never had their hair and make-up done before let alone a lingerie photo shoot, for the Burlesque Make-over Workshops. It's a massive day of shooting and we are all exhausted by the end of it but it's one of the most rewarding jobs I do. The ladies are all so grateful for the experience and always thank us endlessly for making them feel comfortable and sexy - one woman was even in tears of amazement when she received her final photo's because she had never seen herself that way. It makes me smile just writing about it. 

When Burlesque Dolls Australia joined forces with Studio Flamingo to create these workshops I don't think we could ever imagine how successful and enjoyable they would be. We always sell out in advance and we have a large percentage of repeat customers, which for me is the ultimate compliment. 

Miss Sarah, the head Doll at Burlesque Dolls Australia, started out as my dance teacher a few years back who has now become my close friend and creative partner. In fact, she is such a good friend that she likes to send me video footage almost daily of me having a very embarrassing stage stack during a performance - yeah cheers Sarah. But evil humour aside, Sarah is a gorgeous person who acts as a somewhat mentor to many woman of all ages and is very inspirational in a lot of ways - I can't wait to work with that evil devil on our next workshop on November 10th. 

Flawless make-up by the ever so talented A-Symmetric Style Studio
Glamorous hair by my favourite hairdresser on the Gold Coast, Jayde Pleming
Thank you so much Amber and Jayde for working almost non-stop on these make-overs. We are so appreciative of your amazing talents. 

For more information on how to book a spot at one of the Burlesque Make-over Workshops click HERE

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