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Sunday, 1 September 2013


OMFG I totes haven't posted in like a month! Sorry about that peeps, I have been drowning in work but that means new content to throw your way so stay tuned in the coming weeks. 

I am so happy to publish my latest campaign for Sinead James called 'Reflections'. We had such a rad day and everyone involved came together to really create something special. 

I have gotta say, i'm really proud of my work here and totally love the finished product. Sinead's latest collection really is on another level and I can't wait to be knocking about in all these pieces now that Winter has finally hightailed it outta here. 

Shop the collection here

Stylist: Ashleigh Kelly
Make-up: Amber @ A-Symmetric Style Studio
Talent: Karri @ Division

and check out some sneaky bts here

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