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Tuesday, 7 May 2013


You know you have the best stylist when your model falls through and she steps in to get the job done. One sunny morning last week with an armful of threads from Craveyard Amber and I frolicked around the streets acting a damn fool.  

Luckily for me my pint sized stylist is totally babe'n and was a bangin model. Loving these shots. 

Modelling and styling by Asymmetric Style Studio
Photography by Yours Truly

Boots (worn throughout): Midas 
Sunnies (worn throughout): Ray Ban
Jewellery (worn throughout): Hunter Gatherer and stylist's own

Jacket: Heart by Nana Judy

Beanie: Evil Twin
Midriff (underneath): Everland Clothing 

A big thank you to Hollie at Craveyard for lending us the gear!


  1. Dam girl what a good looking stylist! Crazed blog you got here girl very cool. Will have to follow to keep updated!

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  2. this shoot reminds me of jay adams, but hot and not male